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Finally, a way to trade the hottest global startups before they go public 

Off-Piste is a decentralized derivatives platform, allowing retail and institutional investors to trade pre-IPO futures on top global startups before they go public. This liquidity will bring price discovery forward and facilitate a healthier and more efficient transition from private to public markets.


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Deep Liquidity

Pre-IPO (PIPO) equity derivatives, exposure hedging, and risk management

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Democratizing Access

A way for retail investors to participate in innovation at an earlier stage, and for accredited investors to create liquidity events

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Trustless contracts, margin protocols, and low-latency trading

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The Team

Founders representing each step of the capital raising, deployment, and institutional operations process

We are building a platform to help more people participate in the most innovative companies in the world and to help those companies realize the full potential of their growth.

Alex Whitley


6 Startups

Multiple Raises from Pre-Seed to Series C

Sales Operations Expert

Top 100 Tech Innovators GSEF

Forbes Tech Panelist

Mass Challenge Alumni

Creative Destruction Labs Cohort 20/21

Barrett Williams


On Deck Fellow (ODF7)

NLP, ML/AI, ML Ops, Dev Ops Expertise

Cited in Quantitative Finance Symposium

Lead Data Scientist, Multiple Startups

James Whitley


Over $8 Billion in Transactions

Regulated Industries Executive

x-Functional General Management

Tech-Enabled Growth in Legacy Industries

Advisory, Investment and Placement Roles

Early Stage Investor


Below we’ve provided some info on how our platform works, where we are headed, and general questions

What makes Off-Piste different?

We aren't trading for trading's sake.  By creating liquidity trading pre-IPO companies, Off-Piste traders are actually helping determine the valuation of these companies.  This makes for a less volatile public equities market, lets the companies you trade better understand how to price their IPO's, and for the first time open up the opportunity for retail investors around the world to participate in the profitability of global innovation.

What companies will be there?

Late stage startups in major global innovation hubs expecting to go public within the next 18 months.  Usually these are the big names you hear about in the news.


Give us a bit.  We're striving to create products that capture the full power of decentralization but also make sure we don't flaunt the laws.  The easy way is to go ex-US but we'd love to be the first to let our fellow Americans get on board as soon as possible.